Archive of Traffic Camera Footages for Public Access
StreetWatch.live is an on-going project created by volunteers at NYC Mesh to archive NYC traffic camera footage for public access as a news and information resource. I worked on a volunteer basis to create the visual identity and worked with two other designers on the UX/UI.

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Identity Design • Product Design

Top: Footage captured during BLM protest 

The archive allows users to search for all DOT cameras on an accessible map, select and preview footage from a specific camera, search and download for footages within a specific timeframe. 
We had intended for the platform to be publicly accessible without any restriction. However, considering the privacy implications of storing of visual data and non-consensual footage, we made the archive private and incorporated an account management workflow into our redesign efforts to promote accountability. Users will now need to sign up and be approved internally in order to access the archive. 

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