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A Protest Against the Monumental

A Performance
"In modern art, however, the role of the tiny was usually narrowly and often negatively, framed. For much of this century, expressive power in art was correlated with impressive size"
— Curator Ralph Rugoff (At the Threshold of the Visible: Miniscule and Small-Scale Art 1964-1996)

A Protest Against the Monumental is a sculpture-performance about the rejection of dominant powers.

The piece was intially a response to a peer assignment, in which a classmate gave me the prompt to make something as big as my size. In the performance, I asked the same classmate who gave me the prompt to put the cage on me and I stayed inside the cage in the silence until someone decided to release me. The atmosphere shifted from humorous to discomfort, as the gaze shifted from the audience to me. 
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