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I draw from a diverse background in graphic design, digital media, sculpture-performance, and curatorial work. Below are a range of projects — from writing, exhibits, to experiments. These projects inform how I approach crafting narratives through visuals and interactive experiences for different audience in my current practice.


Building Resilience: Creative Expression as Toolkit

Haze Publication: Hong Kong’s Water Revolution in Contemporary Art and Culture, 2021

Smile, Please

Art Machines 2: International Symposium on Machine Learning and Art 2021 Proceedings, Published by School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, pp.185-186

Reshaping Hong Kong’s Identity through a Decentralized Protest

Adjacent, Issue 6: Old/New/Next, Published on 14 November, 2019

End-to-End Encryption Explainer

For Tom Igoe’s Understanding Networks Class, 2019

Confrontations for Introvert

Pysche Publication, Vol. 2: Confrontations

Rejecting the Diminutive: Small-Scale Art, the Viewer, and the Art World

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 2014
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