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Rejecting the Diminutive: Small-Scale Art, the Viewer and the Art World 

Curation for Hood Museum’s “A Space for Dialogue” Program

Small-scale contemporary art has often been ignored or trivialized by scholars and critics. The exhibition looks at seven works that reveal different strategies for rejecting conventional artistic standards. The works featured include Erica Baum’s Ribbon, Louise Lawler's This Takes the Cake, Richard Tuttle's Section I, Extension M, Alice Hutchins' Untitled, Catherine Opie's Dkye Deck, Takako Saito's Heart Box, Mieko Shiomi's Disappearing Music for Face. I curated the exhibit with the intention to reject a patriarchal, mainstream art world. Most of the work is interactive, I had the rare opportunity to handle the art work and rearrange them in different configurations and photograph them.

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