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Popping Boundaries

I staged a 30 mintue performance in a semi-enclosed space, covering myself with balloons and leaving needles on a table near me without any instructions to the audience. During the performance, I was laid down on the floor, lifted up and out of the space, placed back in my original position, hugged, laid on top of, untied. In each interaction, I remained as still as I could and complied with the intention of the audience.

Within 20 mins, I was free of balloons or cable ties. I stood there in silence until a timer for 30 mins went off and walked away.


This performance would not have been possible without the generous help from Hannah Tardie, Shuju Lin, Yves Pokakunkanon, Chenshan Gao and Aaron Moreno Ayala. Staged on November 7, 2018.

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