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Heritage & Urban Development in Pokfulam

A Guidebook Examining the Role of Cultural Tourism in Heritage Preservation and Urban Development
Gif of Pokfulam guidebook, with maps and images of heritage sites

Heritage & Urban Development at Pokfulam: Bridging History and Future through a Heritage Tour is a book (accompanied by website) designed for Hong Kong University Sociology Department’s Professor Dr. Gary Wong’s course A Cultural Study of Tourism and Tourists.

The project examines the role of heritage tourism to heritage preservation and urban development with Pokfulam as a case study. While the book is intended for an academic audience, graphics and editorial design are equally important to enhance its content. Consideration was also given to the small size of the book. As a result, I created a visual identity that is engaging, intricate but simple.
Graphic Design

Illustrator, Indesign
A spread in the guidebook where there is a transparency paper over an image showing buildings in the past
Map of Chi Fu Fa Yuen's heritage sites
Icon designs

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