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Hudson Carbon

Improving Carbon Offset Purchase Experience

Hudson Carbon, a research institute that studies the carbon storage potential of soil managed with regenerative agricultural practices,  approached Sanctuary Computer to build an e-commerce experience for their carbon offset purchasing system.

In each purchase experience, there are hundreds of parcels users can choose from, this becomes tricky especially on mobile when users are expected to tab through parcels on a small map.

My work on the project was to redesign the user experience of the mobile parcel picker to make it more interactive and easy, rather than using the current manual selection design. I also refined the map-based representation of parcels on desktop.
Product Design
Company: Sanctuary Computer

Field Navigation Refined

I redesigned the field navigation adding a panel on the map that shows you a list view in additon to map view, with considering to creating accessible maps.
I also introduced opacity in the field selection design to increase legibility, and created designs for different states of interaction.

Mobile Parcel Picker

The mobile purchase experience is separated into 3 steps — first, quantifying yoru carbon footset quota based on your impact; second, select the number of parcels; thrid, checkout.

I presented two options for the mobile parcel selection experience to create a stronger connection between the parcel selector UI and map interface: one is a slider design, which allows the user to easily adjust their quota using the slider handle. The other is an increment field selection design, each tap on the plus/minus button will change the number of parcels by one unit. A progress bar is designed to show how far along the user is to meeting their target. In the latter design, user can select beyond their offset target.

I also added a checkout bar that is fixed to the bottom of the device screen so that the amount and cost of parcels selected are displayed at all times.
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