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Surveillance in New Orleans (In Progress)

Data Visualization & UX/UI Design for Article on Surveillance in New Orleans 

An investigative article detailing the surveillance apparatus in New Orleans, to be published by non-profit news organization the Lens. I worked closely with a journalist, a researcher, and a developer on the project.

This project is the first standalone website published by the Lens. Accounting for limited resources, and referencing the Lens’ brand elements, I designed a flexible layout and design system for the project. I also created data-visualizations and built interactive graphics for the article.

UX/UI Design, Data-visualization


Figma, Photoshop,   Google Maps API, Mapbox, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Node.js
Mockups (In Progress)
The site contains both static content and content in parallax.

Category Tags
To help readers understand and indentify the range of survelliance systems, I introduced category tags — hardware, software, and platform, in the layout design. 

Pull Quotes & Sidebars
I suggested adding different components to breakup long paragraphs of text in order to highlight key points.

Static Graphics & Charts
I produced graphics and charts based on data points and information given to me by the journalist and researcher, which I then iterated on based on editorial feedback.

Figma Prototype

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