Graphics for Feature Length Documentary on the Hong Kong Protest

“Faceless” (2021) follows four young protestors in Hong Kong struggling to protect their freedom and way of life under the shadow of authoritarianism.

I worked closely with the filmmakers (director, producer, editors, and distributors) to create graphics for the film, and oversaw its implementation. The film was premiered in the Hot Docs Festival 2021

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Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Reflecting on the intimate portrayal in the film and the rapid erosion of freedom and autonomy in Hong Kong, I created a design system for the film graphics and posters focusing on the idea of erasure of identities.

Poster Design

The poster also include symbolisms familiar to those in the pro-democracy camp — helmet worn by many protesters in face of increasing police forces, a sticker of the Black Bauhinia — a variant of the Hong Kong flag popular in the Anti-Extradition Bill Protest (2019-20), and a graffiti saying “Hongkongers, Resist!”
Film Graphics

I prioritized creating a clear and strong graphic system with typographic and graphic elements that could work with a wide range of color tones, as well as communicate a sense of resilience. As the four protagonists’ identities are hidden, I created associated icons for each of them for clear differentiation. The circle & line graphic used for dates and name tags allude to Hong Kong MTR (subway), which hold significance in the protest. 

I created rough animation sequences in After Effects to communicate motion graphics treatment for the editor to implement in Avid. 

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