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Interpreting Hong Kong Police’s Narratives

Installation & Interactive Website Reflecting Public Sentiment

For a couple months since August 2019, the Hong Kong Police held daily press conference to address protest events.

I turned the most frequently used 300+ words* in the press conferences into word magnets and invited viewers to create sentences starting with “Hong Kong Police”. A public showcase in Hong Kong, held during the protests in early 2020, reflected Hong Kongers’ perception and sentiment around Hong Kong police.

*Source: I generated a transcript with youtube-dl using 120+ YouTube videos uploaded by Chinese state own media with English simulatenous interpretations.
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Public Showcase in Hong Kong

Sentences participants created included “Hong Kong Police target the innocent public”, “Hong Kong Police needs to say sorry”, “Hong Kong Police close to the ends”. Many viewers also took the liberty to re-arrange the magnets into protest slogans and symbols, such as “ACAB”, “Hong Kong Independence”, “721” (Date of an indiscriminate mobster attack on subway commuters).

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