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Hinge NFAQ

 A resource on LGBTQIA+ perspectives on dating and relationships
Hinge NFAQ (Not-So Frequently Asked Questions) is a resource for LGBTQIA+ daters to navigate dating and relationships. The site invites diverse contributors from the LGBTQIA+ community to offer advices. 

After a successful initial site launch, Hinge reached out to create the next edition of their NFAQ site with the goal to scale the project and improve the overall UX experience. 

We developed search taxonomy to create a custom and inclusive search tool and created a scalable editorial site that could accomodate custom articles. In addition to design work, we also 

  • Core contributor (one of three designers) 
  • Led taxonomy work
Product Design · Search taxonomy · Design Systems

Company: Sanctuary Computer & XXIX

taxonomy google sheet and diagram
taxonomy example for the term gender identity
search result example for the term gender identity
Search taxonomy
We approach taxonomy with inclusivity and feasibility in mind. We want to make ensure there’s a wide and relevant coverage of terms while reducing the number of tags editors need to maintain in the CMS. 

There are two main groupings:
  • Topics 
    e.g. Holiday, Dating exploration
  • Tag groups
    Divided into identity tags e.g. Transgender and theme tags e.g. Curiousity. Each tag within also has associated synonyms and related tags.

Filtered view by questions topics or authors

Editorial templates
Expanding editorial templates
We also created a number of editorial templates for different purposes, adding ability to include multimedia and social content, as well as ability to share an author’s response.

Question submission overlay
Typography diagram
Color palettes
Refined design system
We refined and added to the design system to improve legibility, hierarchy, and accessibility. 

Text saying an LGBTQIA+ dating resource
Collage of three images of a contributing author

Screenshot of community event proposal
Community events proposal
Part of the ambition of the Hinge NFAQ campaign is to support and foster larger LGBTQIA+ communities both online and in person. We ideated a number of associated events — including speaker series, edit-a-thons, and critique clubs. 

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