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Hudson Carbon

Refined Carbon Offset Purchase Experience

Hudson Carbon is a group of growers, scientists, and environmentalists studying how regenerative agriculture can help alleviate our climate crisis.

In 2020, Hudson Carbon launched the first e-commerce carbon offset market allowing users to buy carbon from local farms.

My role on the project was to redesign and refine the experience of selecting and purchasing parcels on a field, with a focus on the mobile experience.
︎︎︎ Launch Project
Product Design
Company: Sanctuary Computer

Mobile Purchase Experience

In each purchase, there are hundreds of parcels users can choose from. On desktop, one would have to manually click to select each parcel, which becomes impossible on mobile given small screen sizes. 

  • Condensed header and content, with clear number indicator to make best use of mobile screen space
  • Step 1: User can change their personal information and goal to calculate their estimated carbon footprint
  • Step 2: User use the increase/decrease button or the autofill button to select parcels
  • Sticky pricing and checkout drawer at bottom for quick checkout 

A Previous Design
Current Design

Desktop Parcel Navigation

I redesigned the field navigation by adding a list view panel to include field information upfront and in consideration of digital accessibility.
I also introduced opacity in the field selection design to increase legibility, and created designs for different states of interaction.
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