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Ironman One

An AR-integrated training app for triathletes 
Ironman Group approached us with the ambition to create the best triathlon training app after acquiring Fulgaz. They had a unsuccessful engagement with a previous agency, and is looking for a detailed oriented partner to course correct. We worked with Ironman’s head of product, product manager, and engineers to integrate research findings to bring the Ironman One app to market.

Project lead and designer in a team of two designers and one strategist
Product Design · Strategy · Design Systems

Company: XXIX

Compeititor Analysis
We started out the project by researching other competitors’ platforms to familiarize ourselves with the market landscape, identify key features and pain points in current apps, and better convince stakeholders the uniqueness of the Ironman One app. 

From IA to production ready prototypes
We integrated insights from user experience interviews to create a refined IA, improved navigation structure, and a streamlined brand and user interface that connects riders with the information they need to perform at their best.

Design System
Along the way, we documented and updated the product’s design system to create a modern interpretation of the Ironman Group’s brand, keeping in mind reuseability for future digital projects in the roadmap.

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