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Level All

Education app helping high schoolers and guardians navigate post graduation plans
Level All came to our studio with the mission to help high schoolers discover their version of success. One of the first products is an all in one editorial platform — where students and guardians can find important information about college applications and planning, create tasks and keep track of them, and share information with their peers. 

I worked closely with another product designer and two developers to identify feature opportunities, create a cohesive design system and component library, and prepare documentation for design to development handoff.
Product Design
Company: Sanctuary Computer
Designing a flexible and robust editorial system
One of the biggest challenges was the need to design and develop an intuitive CMS for editors while content development and structure is still very much in flux. To accomodate that, we designed a highly flexible editorial system that could accomodate various types of media and interactivity.

Main UX feature
One of the main features of the app is the use of progressive disclosure to surface content.

In each topic landing page, users can view a high level summary of all the content, view a summarized and shareable version of a piece of content, and have the option to dive into the content. This pattern of UX design has proven to be highly effective in terms of breaking up dense content and for mobile driven experiences, as proven by similar approaches adopted by media companies such as Axios.

Design system & Component Library

The design system is built with scalability in mind. We gave careful consideration to structure, naming conventions, to annotation around states so any new designers can onboard easily.
Client education & Alignment process
Our client does not have much prior expereince in building products or background in tech, a big part of the project involves client education — helping them conceptualize how to build incrementally, prioritize features, understand the various needs from content, design, and development — in order to build consensus and plan for a release timeline and roadmap.

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