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Surveillance Apparatus in New Orleans

Graphics & Editorial Design for The Lens
A five-part investigative article detailing the surveillance apparatus in New Orleans.
This project is the first standalone website published by the Lens. Accounting for limited resources, and referencing the Lens’ brand elements, I designed a flexible layout and design system for the project. I also created data-visualizations and built interactive graphics.

I worked closely with a journalist, a researcher, and a developer on the project.
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Design • Development
Client: The Lens

Award: 1st place in Digital Special Section in the 2022 Excellence in Journalism Awards by Press Club of New Orleans

Static Graphics & Charts
I produced graphics and charts based on data points and information given to me by the journalist and researcher, which I then iterated on based on editorial feedback.
Pull Quotes & Sidebars
I suggested adding different components to breakup long paragraphs of text in order to highlight key points.
Category Tags
To help readers understand and indentify the range of survelliance systems, I introduced category tags — hardware, software, and platform, in the layout design.
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