Pinterest brand

A unified home for all Pinterest brand resources
Create a unified home for all Pinterest brand resources to allow all types of users to easily find and share resources.

An interactive site that showcases Pinterest’s brand story and encourages engagement with brand guidelines and resources.
We also created a (non-product) design system for the CMS.

• Core contributor (one of three designers) — concept, visual & interaction design, prototyping
• Lead design system creation
• Audited brand materials to create a new section on visual narratiaves
Product Design · Visual Design · Design Systems · Content

Company: Sanctuary Computer + XXIX

User journey workshop & workshop synthesis
We organized a user joruney workshop to discover challenges different users (from internal collaborator, creative partner to potential employee) face when using the current brand site. Several creative ideas and design opportunities were generated.

Initial creative concepting
We explore different ways to group and navigate content, as well as new opportunities to showcase Pinterest’s brand stories. 

New framing and collapsing vast information
We audited and grouped vast amount of brand content into three intuitive framing — Discover (Brief overview), Learn (Brand guidelines), and Inspire (Gallery & blog) — for audiences of various needs.

Interactive elements
I designed a number of interactive elements to highlight brand concepts around typography, color palette, accessibility etc. 

Design system
Early on, we realized Pinterest's existing product design system was limited for our project. The brand team also feels it is important to differentiate between the brand site and product sites.

We created a robust (non-product) design system to fit the team’s various editorial needs. The system was successful such that the brand team is considering introducing it to other Pinterest projects.

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