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A unified home for all Pinterest brand resources
The Pinterest brand team approached us with the frustration that their current brand site is limiting in features and disjointed, and partners rely on the team to find the resources they needed. In addition, the team has an ambition to create a site that is not only a coherent resource for creating but a source of inspiration — after all, Pinterest is a brand about inspiration. I worked with the Pinterest team to reimagine what a brand personality forward site could be.

• Core contributor (one of three designers) — concept, visual & interaction design, prototyping
• Lead design system creation
• Audited brand materials to create a new section on visual narratives
Product Design · Visual Design · Design Systems · Content

Company: Sanctuary Computer & XXIX

User journey workshop Figjam board
User journey workshop & workshop synthesis
We organized a user joruney workshop to discover challenges different users (from internal collaborator, creative partner to potential employee) face when using the current brand site. Several creative ideas and design opportunities were generated.

Creative concept of stacked interface
creative concept with tags
creative concept of checklist
creative concept of hover states
creative concept of 3D collage
Initial creative concepting
We explore different ways to group and navigate content, as well as new opportunities to showcase Pinterest’s brand stories. 

Discover the Pinterest brand
Topic list
Inspire gallery page
A new framework and content creation for explaining Pinterest’s design principles
We audited and grouped vast amount of brand content into three intuitive framing — Discover (Brief overview), Learn (Brand guidelines), and Inspire (Gallery & blog) — for audiences of various needs.

Within the brand guidelines, we designed a collapsable navigation where key principles are summarized in a series of inset cards. Each card has a quick overview, which expands into deep dive content that is only available to authenticated users.

Font size slider
Dos and Dont's carousel
Core color palettes
Communicating brand concepts through interactivity
I also designed a number of custom interactive elements to highlight brand concepts around typography, color palette, accessibility etc. 

Design system demo
Pinterest UI card
A future-forward design system
Early on, we realized Pinterest's existing product design system was limited for our project. The brand team also feels it is important to differentiate between the brand site and product sites. We created a robust (non-product) design system as expressive and fluid as Pinterest’s brand language. The system was successful such that the brand team is considering introducing it to other Pinterest projects.

Resource grid page

Bookmark feature
List of saved content

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