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An automated financial app for independent workers

Taylor holding phone screen with tax due notification
WorkMade is a financial app with automated banking, payment and taxation features that help freelancers manage and gain knowledge on financial considerations for their businesses. 

WorkMade came to us after creating a product demo for investors. While the demo app is helpful in generating interests, it is missing many core functionalities. As a scrappy team operating without any dedicated designers, WorkMade needed help to meet an ambitious launch timeline.

We worked closely with WorkMade’s founding team to clarify the end-to-end product experience for their mobile app. Working iteratively over eight weeks — through user journey workshop, IA, and product flows — we brought taxes, banking, and invoicing together into one streamlined experience. 

Design lead, mentored a junior designer/strategist
Product Design · Visual Design · Design Systems

Company: Sanctuary Computer

Product aspirations notes from WorkMade team
Product blueprint document
Product blueprint
We organized an user journey workshop to identify product opportunities and discuss core user flows. The outcome is distilled into a product blueprint document, where we worked with the client to clarify and prioritize MVP features.

Explorations for different site map and navigation options
Site map and navigation options
We explored different ways to unite different WorkMade features for freelancers — including option that prioritize inovicing and accounting and option that allows for easy access to quick actions. 

Product flow diagram for taxes
Product flows
We created detailed product flows to demonstrate the end-to-end user experience, as well as all the different states and scenarios needed for development. We also identified opportunities to present information more intuitively, for instance, in the taxes flow, we dedcided to prioritizes showing the amount you would still need to pay in a quarter.

Grace holding a phone with notification about new earning
Two phone screens explaining how tax saving is calculated on WorkMade
Education touchpoint
Taxes is one of the trickest financial considerations for freelancers. WorkMade automatically bookkeeps, track write-offs, and prepare tax information. Through taxes home screen, you can easily review this information and understand how WorkMade’s app help users.

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